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Custom Production - Client: John Deere 

In an effort to support their LEAD (Leading Economic & Agronomic Decisions) initiative, John Deere partnered with Farm Journal to produce and distribute a monthly video segment.  While Deere controlled all aspects of messaging, Farm Journal provided all the necessary production support - from field to post to hosting – and ensured effective turn-around on a tight deadline.  Once approved, the messages were distributed via Farm Journal’s broadcast and digital properties.    

Compeer Financial

Event Coverage & Custom Production - Client: Compeer Financial

Compeer Financial entrusted Farm Journal with a FaceBook Live event production that concluded with several on-location interviews. The footage was produced, edited and reviewed in-house using a fast paced sprint approach to complete the campaign in time to meet the client's deadline. The review process was done entirely online using a browser proofing system that lets the client highlight certain times or items in the screen for revisions.

Quality Liquid Feeds

Custom Production - Client: QLF 

Quality Liquid Feeds needed to highlight their partnership with Green Bay All-Pro Receiver Jordy Nelson. Farm Journal along with QLF's agency produced a series dedicated to the hard working champions in the dairy and cattle industries. Our dynamic crew size allowed for nimble production to take place on a working farm without any real disruptions to the operation.  


Custom Production - Client: CENEX 

CENEX needed to highlight the benefits of using their Total Protection Plan on new and used equipment. Our crew was able to work directly with CENEX and their agency to allocate a shooting location at a LIVE auction in conjunction with Machinery Pete. This series aired as a native ad inside Machinery Pete TV. The end result highlights the partnership and trust farmers have for CENEX products in a unique advertorial format.


Custom Production - Client: Pioneer 

Pioneer wanted to tell the stories of five producers in their own words. Farm Journal partnered up with The Lacek Group to accomplish a 5 part campaign focused entirely on the producers and their families. The series provided a great marketing foundation in a "word of mouth" approach for Pioneer to take to potential producers. 

Location Production

Custom Location Production

Radio Production

Radio Production
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