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Machinery Pete, LLC is the nation’s leading resource for farm equipment values. Founder Greg Peterson (“Machinery Pete”) has researched and analyzed auction prices since 1989. Greg Peterson provides exclusive content across all Farm Journal multimedia platforms. In addition, Machinery Pete offers subscriptions to its auction data, plus publishes the annual “Classic Tractor” price guide and the “Quarterly Used Values Index” report for the financial community. Peterson hosts the “Machinery Pete TV” program and is a sought-after speaker and consultant, plus cultivates an enviable following on the major social media platforms.

Other segments of the TV show include highlights from auctions, the latest trends and analysis from Machinery Pete, and news from Tyne Morgan, host of U.S. Farm Report. “We know machinery is a serious investment for farmers, and it’s at the heart of their farm operation,” Peterson said. “And we know that farm machinery is a passion for others. This show is built for anyone who can’t get enough about iron, both new and old.”

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